Why you should Consider Renovating your Office’s Reception Area

Why you should Consider Renovating your Office’s Reception Area

Your office reflects the personality of your company – and the waiting area is no exception. All clients, guests and potential employees that walk through your office receives a first impression about your company immediately from the layout and flow of your reception. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why you should think about redesigning your reception area.

Enjoy an Extended Lifecycle from your Design Budget

A rule of thumb for a great modern office design is to put most of your budget in the areas that receive the most traffic, your reception. Invest in key areas such as a luxury reception desk that brings the “WOW” factor. With your reception area, less is more. Trends change quickly. Stay ahead in trends and accommodate personal needs for those guests waiting in your reception.

Improves your Employee’s Attitude

There is a visible difference between entering a cramped, dark office and walking into an office with natural lighting, organization and furniture designed for comfort. The fight to retain talent in your business is increasing as companies are offering benefits, accommodation and packages to recruit employees. By creating a daily welcome that boosts the mood of your employees when they walk in or outside of the reception reminds them that they are part of something great.

Remember, your reception isn’t just for outside visitors. It’s the beginning of a visual brand promise that should be extended inward to the rest of your workspace.

Communicates your Company’s Culture

In other areas of your workplace, such as boardrooms and director’s offices, the main focus during interactions is on the person in front of you. However, in a reception area, an individual may be alone for a couple of minutes to an hour or more. During this period, the main focus surrounds the environmental awareness between the layout, design and flow. These factors create the very first impression.


For assistance with redesigning your reception area, visit Kitchen Hyper! We offer the design, manufacturing and installation that will bring your reception area to life in the exact way you dreamed. Contact us today for more information!

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