Office Trends that will Dominate in 2018

Office Trends that will Dominate in 2018

Your employees spend most of their day in the office on any day of the week, even more time than they do at their home. Having that said, having a sense of comfort while working in the office is a concern for many. This puts your organisation on a mission to offer an office design that encourages positivity, productivity and well-being in the workplace.

If you are planning for a new office design to brighten up your workplace, you could get some motivation from these trends for 2018.

Dynamic Spaces

Dynamic offices are still popular, now that more companies are combining flexible work areas in their offices. Minimal restrictions are the separating feature of this type of office design, where your employees are able to suit themselves as to how and where they want to work.

In this set up, furniture can be moved around easily. This is extremely appealing for your employees as they don’t have to be cramped in traditional working stations. For examples, you could have a few couches that employees can sit on.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic involves to the love of the living world and life, especially elements commonly found in nature. This design uses nature as a backdrop where nature-inspired forms, components and patterns make up the look and feel of your office.

This is mainly helpful if you are situated in an area where there is not much nature. A biophilic design might include plants, glass windows for more natural light and natural colours.

Technical Combination

There is no doubt that technology is a driving force that changes the way people and businesses operate. With a technologically enabled office set up, your employees are able to work faster and smarter.

Collaborative Meeting Spaces

These spaces are another design driven by millennials. Millennial employees lean to move away from their desks for strategy sessions or less formal meetings.

Branded Workplace

This concept is based on the thought that companies have a story to tell. The way you design your building can share that story to inspire not only your employees but also the community. Your architecture could represent your businesses humble beginnings.


When it comes to offices, first impressions count. If you are interested in having your office renovated, visit Kitchen Hyper for more details. Visit our showroom for ideas and upgrade your workplace today!

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